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AVA has been producing innovative machines at its company headquarters in Herrsching, approximately 40 kilometers southwest of Munich, Germany, since 1991. Modern premises combined with a success-oriented office concept set in a highly recreational backdrop provide the ideal environment for creative ideas that go beyond traditional machine engineering standards



The series HTK for continuous operation is ideally suited for high throughput, the series HTC has its optimal application in variable processes and frequent product change. Both types are well suited for homogenising, preparation of solids blends, solid-liquid mixtures up to pastes and slurries and for gentle drying. 
In case of the dryers the product is moved along the heated wall of the drum. The bulk blending activity results in a uniform temperature and humidity of the product in the process area. Specially formed paddles guarantee an optimal heat exchange between product and the wall of the drum. The result are short drying times that can be further reduced by operation in reduced pressure.

AVA cone mixers and dryers with their typical single or double helix have been developed in the late nineties as a solution to the problems frequently encountered with rotating auger cone dryers. One is the danger of product contamination from gears and bearings in the process area, the other their susceptibility to malfunction and the resulting high maintenance costs.
As an additional benefit came markedly shortened mixing and drying times and improved cleanability. The helical agitator processes dry or humid, free flowing or sticky bulk materials, filter cakes, slurries and liquids of various viscosity. The cone mixers are ideally suited for nearly all mixing operations. With suitable heating they serve as dryers, reactors or evaporators.


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