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primary feeder grizzlies

Under primary dump hoppers, fed by blasted rock up to 2M, units can be up to 10M long & 2M wide, and handle in excess of 2000TPH. Heavy duty construction, with integral grizzly screening section to extract and by pass undersize. Driven by single, double or triple mechanical exciters from an electric or hydraulic motor, with option for variable feed rate control.

Bulk Material Handling

heavy duty feeders

For the most arduous or high capacity applications, handling blasted rock or primary crushed material, and capable of withstanding impact loadings. With sizers up to 10M long & 4M wide, capacities are usually between 500 - 3000TPH. Of heavy duty construction, driven by either mechanical exciters or unbalanced motors, with option for variable feed rate control.

Cone Crusher Feeding
Controlled Flow

cone crushers feeding

The modular FCE feeder with infinitely variable electro-magnetic drive is utilised to feed secondary & tertiary cone crushers. With either manual or automated control, they can maintain a constant head of material, for optimum crushing performance. With standard widths from 400 - 1250mm, they cover capacities of 0 - 500TPH. These feeders are also used for vertical shaft impactors.

Heavy Duty Processes

grading screens

Available in single, double or triple deck configuration, with decks up to 10M long & 3.6M wide. Screens are either inclined with centre shaft elipical vibrators or horizontal with mechanical exciters or unbalanced motors, with an additional 'banana' screen variant. Decks can be furnished with either steel, rubber or polyurethane, with can be tensioned or modular.

Inclined Screen
Efficient Sorting

washing drums

For the removal of mud and other waste materials, or alternatively the washing out and recovery of required minerals, including phosphate and clay. Heavy duty rubber lined and pneumatic tyre driven drums available in 4 diameters & 3 lengths, handling solid capacities from 80 - 650TPH.

Washing Drums
Aggregates Washing

washing & rinsing screens

The full range of inclined and horizontal screens can be fitted with optional spray bars to carry out a washing and rinsing function. This covers the removal of sand prior to washing drums, washing and rinsing 'scrubbed' material following washing drums, or the general washing and rinsing of products on sand & gravel plants.

Washing and Rinsing Screens
Aggregates Washing

sand dewatering screens

Usually following a bucket wheel or washing screw, the screens are installed on a 3 degree incline, to finally remove excess water and impurities, and reduce the retained moisture content. Driven by either mechanical exciters or unbalanced motors, the screens range from 500 - 3600mm wide.

Dewatering Screen
Reducing the residual humidity

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