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SKAKO VIBRATION is a highly professional and experienced business partner, specializing in the design, development, supply and marketing of vibratory equipment, which activates, transports and separates bulk solids. The principle aim of SKAKO VIBRATION is to develop solutions, utilizing vibration engineering technology, to meet the present and future individual needs of our customers, whilst simultaneously strengthening their position within their market, and providing added value to their business.


Representing the cornerstone of the minerals sorting lines, SKAKO screens can be provided either in the traditional inclined version or in the horizontal one, as a washing or dewatering equipment. Moreover, depending on the application the screens are designed in the dust-proof or open version.

Especially designed for the most arduous processes, the heavy duty feeders and scalpers have proven their efficiency in the most difficult conditions. They combine in the same unit the function of pre-screening and crushers or any other equipment feeding.

This type of equipment is generally used for aggregates washing, proving a very high efficiency and reliability. Depending on the technical attributes of the product and desired output, the beneficiary will be advised to opt between the washing drums or log-washers.

With the purpose of ensuring a highly efficient sorting function, the screens are intensively used in many other industries that require lower capacities or a gentler handling of the material, that can be found in the form of powder, granules and not only.

The feeders & conveyors represent an extremely efficient way to handle, dose and transport the different bulk materials or final products.

Excellent solution from a cost and efficiency point of view, used for the semi-automation of certain products packing process. The system performs the loading and unloading of different boxes, feeding, weighing and dosing based on the pre-defined settings.



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