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primary storage feeding systems

The storage hopper type FVE is a combination of a storage hopper and vibratory feeder. It ensures controlled proportioning of components, including interlocking materials. With infinitely variable feed rate control, it can be coupled with a weigh system for integration into automated loading systems. Available in 6 standard sizes, with storage capacities up to 4000kg.

Primary Storage Feeders

automated furnace loading systems

Custom designed fully automated furnace loading weigh systems, developed in cooperation with our customers, to give a consistent and controlled flow to hardening and annealing furnaces. This ensures optimum product quality and optimum efficiency of the downstream equipment.

Furnace Feeders
Weigh System

handling interlocking products

The unique action of the FVE storage feeders allows for interlocking products, like screws and nails to be efficiently handled, and discharged at a controlled rate onto subsequent process equipment.

Interlocking Products
Direct Furnance Charging
Heat Resistant

direct furnace charging feeders

Special heat resistant type CC trough feeders for discharging directly onto the furnace belt inside the furnace itself, allowing for temperatures up to 900 deg.C. Either with infinitely variable electro-magnetic drives, or fixed feed rate unbalanced motor driven units.

gas proof furnace feeders

Type CC trough feeders are custom designed with sealing flanges for gas proof furnace requirements. The feeders can have either infinitely variable electro-magnetic drives, or fixed feed rate unbalanced motor drives.

Furnance Feeders
Gas Proof
Single Layer Feeder
Custom Motorised Brushes

single layer feeding

To ensure one layer discharging of components onto subsequent process equipment, custom designed motorised brushes mounted above the transfer feeder are utilised. This includes adjustable systems, to suit varying product sizes.

lift & tip loading system (static)

Used to charge the primary storage feeders, the lift & tip type 'Tilde' is available in standard sizes to lift up to 2500kg, with tipping heights up to 5M. Standard options allow for either manual or automatic clamping systems and various guarding levels. They can be fully integrated with the subsequent feeding system for total automation.

Lift and Tip Loading System
Unloading & Feeding

lift & tip loading system (transversable)

Where there are a number of feeding systems in line, a single lift & tip loading system running on guide rails can be utilised. This allows for optimum equipment utilisation and efficiency.

Single Layer Feeder
Custom Motorised Brushes

loading bowl feeders

Type FVE storage feeders with infinitely variable and instant on / off control functions are extensively used to load bowl feeders. Depending upon the storage capacity selected, it can give hours of continuous operation.

Loading Bowl Feeders

loading plating barrels

Custom designed automatic weight controlled loading systems into plating barrels. Depending upon the plating line design, systems for single, double and quadruple loading are available. A variety of gate options ensure non spillage during the batching process.

Loading Plating Barrels

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